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The Lee Shore — front cover of the novel: the sea seen from a rocky, windswept coast

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The Lee Shore

A Parable of Apocalypse, Carnal Knowledge &
 Quantum Theory; a Sailing Primer . . . & a Love Story

Antony Innis Travers

      It’s a common enough occurrence for a sailor to become romantically involved with a responsive vessel — though seldom so intimately.  And many a mariner, becalmed, might have dreamt of a lover who could raise the wind — but few find such creatures in the local pub.  With both in the same port, however…it’s just a matter of time before his sailboat invites his new girlfriend over for tea and a chat regarding polygamous marriage customs.
      When charting a coastline that’s still a squalling infant is the family business, where you go from here is always the tricky part.

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Alfresco Press is proud to announce the publication of this provocative novel. A work of speculative fiction, which contains elements of magical realism, it somehow combines both through a spiritual earthiness seldom found in either. By defying the constraints of genre and offering the literate reader fresh perspectives, it exemplifies the sort of fiction we wish to publish. (Nevertheless, we felt it incumbent upon us to put a warning label on the back cover: See Further Details, below.)    

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