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Our Editorial Policy:


      The somewhat eccentric tastes of Alfresco Press are elucidated elsewhere. (See: Editor’s Desk, for example.) To encapsulate them, let’s just say that there are few in-house taboos, and we’re rather opinionated.
      This section is meant for something else, however, to plainly state what we feel our responsibilities are toward readers and writers.

      To our readers:

       We’re committed to bringing you thought-provoking and literate fare, with perspectives you can take away from the reading experience and ponder later — questions that encroach on mundane thoughts, notions which prompt reveries — simply because those ideas, and the language they’re wrapped in, encourage it.

      To our artists:

      We wouldn’t take you on if we didn’t think your work merited it. Should we decide to, you’ll profit or not (as we do) from the success of that work.

      Although our company does maintain a professional editing service, that business and our publishing branch remain functionally separate.
      To be absolutely clear on this point:
      No author whose work is accepted for publication by Alfresco Press will ever be charged for editing. (Manuscripts almost invariably need some, but if we choose to accept one, any further editing is on us. Having said that, the manuscript had better be in damn good shape by the time you submit it; we don’t have all day.) Furthermore, we have a strict policy against rejecting a submission for publication, then subsequently referring it to our own editing service to be “fixed” for a fee. We consider such practices unethical.
      Conversely, no author who submits a manuscript to our editing service through the normal means will ever have that manuscript considered for publication by Alfresco Press. That’s another strict policy. If we were to run across a rough gem in the process, we’d do our professional best to improve the manuscript…then encourage the writer to submit that particular piece of work elsewhere — no matter how much we might believe in it. This would probably hurt us as much as the author in question, but we have to draw a bright line on this issue. There are simply too many rapacious scam artists out there, masquerading as legitimate businesses, who entice marginally talented writers into paying them huge fees for their “services” by dangling the carrot of future publication. As we’ve stated, here and elsewhere, we generally consider this practice to be unscrupulous.
      So, if you really believe your masterpiece is ready for publication, please polish it up a bit and submit it to us. (See: Submission Guidelines.) However, should we reject it, we won’t help you edit it afterward, no matter what you offer us.
      On the other hand, if you have a piece of work which you feel would benefit from some editing, we refer you to our editing service (here). Remember, however, that we won’t subsequently consider publishing anything that we’ve already charged to edit.
      Perhaps this will hone your own editing skills…or cause you to more highly value ours.
      At any rate, that’s the best we can do.


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